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PEER announces the ACT2IMPACT Challenge!

Register in Fall 2021 for the spring ACT2IMPACT 2022 CHALLENGE, a 12 week program for Evergreen Middle School students who attend after-school weekly virtual sessions. Teams will work to develop and refine their ideas about how to tackle a community issue. 
Program content includes:


Students brainstorm current issues and participate in icebreakers while they get to know each other.

We begin to work in teams to learn more about working together and have fun with problem-solving games.


Community initiatives are formed as teams explore and refine ideas. We tackle communication activities and define roles for each student.



Coaching is provided based on areas of responsibility. Students develop a brand identity and plan of action for their project.



Students identify community needs and discuss what drives them based on these categories:

  • Education

  • Climate Change/Environment

  • Communication

  • Community Support

  • Health/Safety


Team Information:

Students are placed on teams based on their schedule, which projects they are interested in, and what strengths they have to add to a well-rounded team. 

Culmination Event with Awards:

At the end of the program, student projects are showcased at a live event.  One "People's Choice" award will be voted upon by everyone who attends the event. Three awards will be decided by a panel of judges.  No team can receive more than one of the judged awards but the People's Choice award can be won in addition to one of these three.

  • Most Original Idea

  • Best Project Design

  • Best Overall Presentation

As part of the program, teams will produce a video to describe their project.   Here are samples of other student videos from previous programs.


We strive towards making the world a better place little by little.  We upcycle clothing and turn it into useful items that people can reuse.  




For those who want to be able to enjoy their water sports without fear of getting lost at sea, we offer the Aqua-Tek wrist device..  



Our purpose is to provide fresh food at affordable prices.  Have no means of travel, no problem.  We will come to you and provide groceries to your home within 24 hours of your online order. 



For students in grades 3-5, the SSG is there to become friends and listeners for you.  


CONTACT US for more information about ACT2IMPACT!

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