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Our after school programs further build on our classroom experiences with the students. 

Our programs::

  • are engaging, educational, and fun

  • are designed to encourage creativity

  • focus on project-based learning opportunities

  • are appropriate for children in Kindergarten through Grade 8

  • are led by experienced facilitators with industry expertise

  • typically last 4-10 weeks, around 1 hour per once-weekly session


Creative Coding Before and After School

The "Creative Coding" series provides a comprehensive framework in which students will learn the fundamental skills that are critical to coding in every programming language.  The intent is to provide a fun experience with the various platforms (i.e., robotics, game design, mobile app development) such that the students will gain sufficient interest to continue their coding exploration and becoming a producer rather than using their "screen time" only as a consumer.


Exploring Coding and Robotics:  Students in grades 2-3 are introduced to basic coding concepts and robotics.

Robots and Drones:  Students in grades 4-6 learn how to program various robots and drones.

Micro:bit:  Grade 4-6 students use their coding skills to interact with the real world by controlling LEDs, motors and sensors.

Game Design:  Students in grades 4-6 will be introduced to how to design the concept and elements of basic games.

Fun with Scratch Jr:  Introductory workshop designed to introduce students in grades 1-3 to coding using Scratch and

Android App Development:  Students in grades 4-6 learn the basics of App Development.

HACKRZ After School

In this program, students in grades 7 and 8 will work in teams to come up with tech-based idea that solves a real-world problem and build a business proposal around their idea. In the process, they will learn basic concepts related to business, marketing and technology.  They will learn to work in teams and to leverage the various interests and strengths of their team member partners.


7th and 8th graders tackle real-world communication challenges using a variety of media including animation, live action video and music production.

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