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It's well established that students benefit from parent involvement in their education as well as on their school campus.  PEER has been cultivating community involvement by supporting virtual direct donation fundraising campaigns and evening family STEAM events.  Most recently we hosted "Virtual Family Tech Nights" for schools who were challenged to maintain their family involvement during social distancing.

Family Events

Parents are busier than ever, but STEAM nights continue to draw families to their children's schools.   Tasked to help schools continue to have their scheduled Family Coding/STEAM nights last spring, PEER hosted events via ZOOM.  Check out our video of one of the events.  If you want more information about how this could work on your campus, contact us.





Direct Donation Fundraising

PEER's approach to fundraising is to implement a focused Direct Donation Campaign in which parents and the community make financial contributions that go directly to schools. This eliminates the need to purchase products (i.e. magazines, gift wrap, food) and provides schools with a much greater percentage of funds raised.  The Direct Donation method is a perfect fit during social distancing, enabling families to continue to support schools from home.  More information below, and please contact us if you have questions about Direct Donation Fundraising for your school.

Benefits of Direct Donation

  • Over 90% of funds raised go to the school

  • Parents can invest directly in their children’s education

  • Donors get a tax write-off

  • Eligible for corporate matching

  • Easy to implement, and to donate

Virtual Family Tech night.jpg

Components of PEER's Direct Donation


Online process makes it easy for your community to contribute.

  • Purpose and goal oriented 

  • Recommended donation levels to link to incentives, encouraging participation

  • "Donate Here” button for website

  • Online donation form to track donors and students

  • Automatically sends receipt for tax deduction


Theme-based package gives your campaign personality.  May include

  • Posters/signage

  • Props for parking lot awareness (for teachers/parent/student volunteers)

  • Goal thermometers on campus and in classes

  • Progress updates with flyers/handouts


Tools you need to measure your ongoing success.

  • Overall progress summary

  • Student participation by class

  • PTA Membership Info (If applicable)

  • Student names by contribution level for drawings


Double your donations.


  • List of local companies that match employee contributions

  • Simple process for submitting request

  • Follow up and reporting 

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