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Creative Coders After School Workshop Series

The "Creative Coding" series provides a comprehensive framework in which students will learn the fundamental skills that are critical to coding in every programming language. All programs are offered virtually for Fall 2020.  The intent is to provide a fun experience with the various platforms (i.e., robotics, game design, mobile app development) such that the students will gain sufficient interest to continue their coding exploration and becoming a producer rather than using their "screen time" only as a consumer.  For more information about our programs, please contact us.

Grades 2-3

Exploring Coding 1

Introduction to block-based programming and how it can be used to make things move. Students will use to practice basic coding concepts and start to explore how to create animations with Scratch.

Grades 4-8

Creating with Scratch 2

This camp is for students that have participated in previous camps/workshops and would like to continue their coding adventures in Scratch. The programs selected for this camp will not be the same as anything done in previous camps.

Grades 4-8

Arcade Game Development

Students will be introduced to object-oriented coding in the context of Arcade Game Development. Though most of the coding will be done using blocks, they will be exposed to how these blocks are translated to both Javascript and Python programming languages.

Grades 2-3

Exploring Coding 2

This session is for students who have completed Exploring Coding 1. Students will continue to learn coding concepts and create animations and simple games with Scratch.

Grades 4-8

Computer Science Coding Calesthenics

NEW - In this camp students will use coding disciplines (loops, conditionals, etc.) to create algorithms to solve a variety of coding challenges. The curriculum will be selectively drawn from's Computer Science Express Course.

Grades 4-8

Mobile App Development

NEW - Utilizing the Thunkable design platform, students will develop game apps that are compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

Grades 4-8

Creating with Scratch 1

This is an introductory camp for students who have limited coding experience. Students from PEER partner schools that have received in-school coding workshops or students that have participated in previous coding camps should take one of the more advanced camps.

Grades 4-8

3D Printing and CAD

Students will learn computer-aided design and (CAD) create a project that will be 3D printed. Students will have the opportunity to print at least one project per session with up to 12 hours of combined total printer time.

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