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Based on campus priorities, we can provide quality enrichment programs during or after school. 

Our programs::

  • are engaging, educational, and focus on current practices

  • are designed to work alongside and support curriculum standards

  • focus on project-based learning opportunities

  • are appropriate for children in Kindergarten through Grade 8

  • are led by experienced facilitators with industry expertise

  • typically last 4-8 weeks, between 45 minutes and 2 hours per once-weekly session

  • are customizable based on your needs, age group, and experience level


TECHnovation Workshop Series

TECHnovation is an in-school program (grades K-6) in which students participate in a progressive series of in-class sessions exploring technical disciplines, with an emphasis on coding.


Kindergarten:  Intro to Robotics and Coding with Color Patterns (Ozobots)

1st grade:  Stop Motion Animation

2nd grade:  Coding Motion with ScratchJr

3rd grade:  Game Design with Scratch and Circuits with Makey Makey

4th grade:  Robotics Coding Challenges  (Ozobot and mBots)

5th grade:  3D Printing and Computer Aided Design

6th grade:  Mobile App Development



updated programs!

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