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Q: How are donations tracked, recorded and reported? 

A: All contributions receive a receipt for the donation and are tracked by student, class and teacher.  Weekly reports for contributions and participation are provided to the school.  An end of year report is provided to all families delineating the allocation of all direct donation contributions (including corporate matching funds) and budgeted expenses for fundraising goals.

Q: How does Corporate Matching work?

A: Many organizations participate in programs that match employee charitable contributions.  PEER works with the donors and the organizations to secure these contributions for our clients.

Q: Is it possible to have a DONATE button that is available for ongoing contributions?

A:  Yes.  This is a feature that is added to your website to provide families with the opportunity to support the school when best fits their budget and time frame.

Q: How does this type of fundraising impact PTA's/HSC's? 

A:  It is PEER’s experience that campaigns are more effective when the school provides the leadership as they are in the best position to determine the role of the PTA/HSC in the campaign.  The two options are:

  1. Replace existing PTA/HSC fundraisers where parents only give once (with >90% efficiency) and some of the proceeds are used to fund PTA programs/events

  2. Maintain PTA/HSC Fundraisers and direct donations are designated for school enrichment programs




Q: Do you offer any other programs?

A: Absolutely.  Often there is a specific subject of interest that our industry experts are familiar with but have not yet develop curriculum around.  We are constantly updating our program offerings.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are interested in something specific that you don't see.

Q: Are program facilitators credentialed?

A:  Often but not always. This could be a well trained educator.  We do screen all instructors, including an in-depth interview as well as complete background and reference checks.  Our management team holds CTE credentials.

Q: How do you schedule programs during the school day? 

A:  We prefer to have one or two site liaisons.  We work with that person to determine good and bad times and dates.  After we match the program to your schedule, we send a proposal to the site liaison.  Usually this includes multiple time slots per day for teachers to sign their class up.

Q: How do you start the process of figuring out what programs we need? 

A: Most schools prioritize a well rounded experience for their students, and they are aware of where their needs are.  If you don't have a specific program in mind, we can suggest several for you to consider.


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