Tech Boot Camp

In this camp, students will learn to design games using two, very different, development platforms,  The camp is designed to be taken either in the AM, PM or both.


Game Design with’s Game Lab (AM):

Game Lab is JavaScript packaged by to learn coding in the context of game development.  Students will learn common coding structures (i.e., variables, conditionals, loops, etc.) as well as game-specific concepts such simulating gravity, collisions and more.


Game Design with Gamefroot (PM):

Gamefroot is a platform that was designed to help educate kids in game design.  It comes with “assets” (i.e., characters, backgrounds, etc.) that the designer selects and programs for the behavior desired to play the game.  Because  of this, the design progress can move more quickly, and designers can create more complex games in a shorter period of time.

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