JUNE 11, 2021 6:30 - 8:00 PM

Our stellar group of entrepreneurs has been hard at work preparing pitches, prototypes, websites and business plans to showcase how much they have learned about launching a business. View more information about each venture below, then plan to visit our virtual exhibit hall on June 11th where you can meet the students and hear more about their projects in an informal breakout session.  Find out more about OPERATION BLUE SKY.



Team members:

Chandra Kappagantula

Madison Calara

Preston Fong

Zaid Muhammad

Zaki Abbasi



At Byt, we have made an eating utensil that not only can be used to eat your favorite meal, it can become part of your meal.  Our edible utensil is eco friendly, plastic free, and inexpensive. 

Team members:

Chloe Kim

Samaarah Siddiqui

Savannah Wong



Groceries2You's is a non-profit whose purpose is to provide fresh food at affordable prices.  Have no means of travel, no problem.  We will come to you and provide groceries to your home within 24 hours of your online order. 

Team members:

Aarnav Chokshi

Saanvi Kotha

Rahul Thennarasu

Andy Xing

Drishti Arora



Someone looking for a sleek, advanced, digital stylus with added functions like a flashlight and a recorder is looking for the Bright Stylus. 

Team members: 

Dylan Nguyen

Kenny Tran

Nicholas Phan

Vincent Lo



Camera Associates offers top quality security cameras at unbeatable prices.


Team members: 

Eesha Banerjee

Aambhi Patel

Saanika Wanzakhade

Soham Ramtekkar



SympliDressed is your smart closet that keeps your wardrobe organized and helps you pick out clothes faster.

Team members: 

Abigail Kim

Elise Nguyen

Mihir Khedkar

Suchi Poladia



For those who are in need of company and support, the SSG is there to become friends and listeners for you.  We are here to help support and educate students in grades 3-5 who are dealing with the struggles of social and academic life through interactive activities.


Team members: 

Aniket Patil

Daisy Flores Martinez

Saket Pathak

Wilmer Duong

Nikhil Rao



PEAR is a company that is for pet owners who need an affordable, AI analytics based, fashionable collar and leash for their dog.


Team members: 

Varenya Kunapuli

Jazlyn Nguyen

Megan Wong

Niya Justine



At Novus and Colo, we strive towards making the world a better place little by little.  We upcycle clothing and turn it into useful items that people can reuse.  By doing this we help to lessen the amount of clothing waste that is produced.


Team members: 

Ashmita Appineni

Cristina Malicad

Neel  Kashi

Tori Fitzpatrick

Will Nguyen



We are a business aimed toward healthy-minded individuals.  The sensor technology in our drinking bottle will help people manage their water intake and give reliable goals based on their body's specifications.



Team members:

Kaliyah Acosta

Isabella Jugravu



Eclipse gives you the power to walk out into the sunshine with our aesthetically pleasing hats, which use solar power to charge your devices anywhere, keeping you connected to the world. 

Team members: 

Anish Jayaraj

Riddhi Sharma



Shower smart is a mobile application as well as a shower head device that monitors the amount of water used per minute, and it also calculates the upcoming water bill.




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