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Our Student Startup EXPO21 is taking place now!  Preview our exhibitor's business ventures here, and email us at to request access to the zoom exhibit hall.
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OPERATION BLUE SKY 2021 is a semester-long program for middle school students who attend after-school weekly sessions for a total of over 20 hours of instruction. The program is broken into four sections:

Who Am I and
Where Am I Going?

Students explore personality types, complete vision boards, examine lifestyle choices and participate in icebreakers while they get to know each other.

Taking It to
the Streets

Coaching is provided based on areas of responsibility. Marketing works on branding and website.
Technology moves to product specs and prototypes. Business dives into finance and overall startup pitch.

Let's Get Down to Business

Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

We begin to work in teams to learn more about entrepreneurial traits, complete design thinking challenges and have fun with business games.


Business units are formed as teams explore and refine startup ideas. We tackle customer-focused activities and define roles for each student.


The students identify consumer needs and interests based on these categories:

  • Business/Home/Personal Tech

  • Health/Safety

  • Environmental

  • Community Support

  • Education

  • Chargeables/Energy


Team Information:

Students are placed on teams based on their schedule, which projects they were interested in, and what strengths they have to add to a well-rounded team. 

Culmination Event with Awards:

At the end of the program, student projects are showcased at a live event.  One "People's Choice" award will be voted upon by everyone who attends the event. Three awards will be decided by a panel of judges.  No team can receive more than one of the judged awards but the People's Choice award can be won in addition to one of these three.

  • Most Original Business Idea

  • Best Product or Service Design

  • Best Overall Presentation

CONTACT US for more information about OPERATION BLUE SKY.

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