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HACKRZ After School

In this program, students in grades 7 and 8 will work in teams to come up with tech-based idea that solves a real-world problem and build a business proposal around their idea. In the process, they will learn basic concepts related to business, marketing and technology.  They will learn to work in teams and to leverage the various interests and strengths of their team member partners.

Multimedia After School

7th and 8th graders tackle real-world communication challenges using a variety of media including animation, live action video and music production.


Operation BLUE SKY

Entrepreneurship skills have the power to change mindsets, enabling our students to envision an amazing future.  Given our 21st century rapid innovation landscape, we must ensure that our youth are equipped with tools for success.  Economists predict that the jobs of tomorrow don't even exist today, so these skills are necessary abilities for life!  OPERATION BLUE SKY events and programs are designed to provide students with a strong start to their future.

Career Exploration In-Class for 6-8

Grade 6

6th Grade Discovery Experience

Students work together in teams to build vision boards that represent different aspects of their futures, while creating a movie trailer that will become a digital souvenir of their experience at PEER's Studios@LeyVa.

Grade 7

CE 1: Industry Sector and Career Search

Students address the core question: “Where Am I Going?” Through exploring industry sectors, careers and occupations, students gain understanding about the job market and learn how labor market information can help determine career and occupational goals.

Grade 8

CE 2: Future Planning and Pathways Awareness

Students address the core question: “How Do I Get There?” They focus on developing high school plans, understanding requirements for postsecondary options, and creating a viable postsecondary plan that identifies at least initial occupational goals and conveys an understanding of the steps necessary to achieve those goals, as well as a practical understanding of how income affects lifestyle.

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