Tech Boot Camp

This program is intended to expose students to a variety of technical disciplines while engaging them in fun learning activities, most of which, can be continued at home after the camp is over.  The disciplines they will explore include 3D Printing, Robotics, Game Design, Mobile App Design, Physical Computing with both Arduino and micro:bit.  The intent is to expose students to these activities so they will get a sense of where their interests lie and where they might like to continue their adventures in exploring technology.  The camp is designed to be taken either in the AM, PM or both.


Day 1 AM:  3D Printing – Design and print first project

           PM:  Coding Project – Game Design

Day 2 AM:  Mobile App Design

           PM:  Robotics  -  Build and code robots with mBots

Day 3 AM:  Coding Project – Game Design

           PM:  3D Printing – Design and print second project

Day 4 AM:  Physical Computing with Arduino

           PM:  Mobile App Design

Day 5 AM:  Robotics – Coding with Ozobots 

           PM:  Physical Computing with micro:bit